Customizable 3 ingredient chia jam

Customizable 3 ingredient chia jam

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This has been circulating around the internet for quite some time so I decided to make some myself! I made three different kinds just to give some inspiration. The combinations are absolutely endless!

Mine are 100% fruit sweetened, no added sugar, only 3 base ingredients. All the goodness! The chia seeds also bring an extra healthy fats to your breakfast, pancakes or what ever you have it with!

Ops! It doesn’t contain anything to prevent it from molding and such like regular jam! So it’s important to keep it in the fridge and eat it within a week or less. You can also freeze it if you fancy!


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Black forest, queen, and strawberry & lime jam


Customizable 3 ingredient chia jam

  • Author: Hanna Ekelund
  • Yield: 200g / 7 ounces frozen or fresh fruit of choice 1x


  • 23 tbsp chia seeds depending on the fruit
  • 25 dates depending on the sweetness of the fruit


  1. Completely defrost or cook the fruit.
  2. If you like your jam with fruit chunks leave around 50g / 2 ounces aside. Mix the rest of the fruit, chia seeds and dates smooth in a mixer, food processor or with a hand blender. Mix in the rest of the fruit.
  3. Let the jam sit in your fridge for 10 minutes until thick. If it still is too runny add another 1 tbsp chia seeds.


Different variations

Black forest chia jam featuring cherries as the fruit and 1 tbsp cacao nibs.

“Queen jam” A.K.A. blueberry & raspberry jam, half blueberries & half raspberries

Strawberry & lime chia jam, strawberries as the fruit and 1/2 tsp of lime juice for a subtle extra kick.


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