Hi! Here I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions I get:

Are you vegan?

No, I’m not. At this point in time, I eat and enjoy everything. There are many reasons behind why I’m not longer dairy free pesceterian, but I must admit my relationship with food haven’t been better. Since not having restrictions around food anymore, I decided to change my website’s name from The Veggienator to Hanna Ekelund. Simply, my love for having fun in the kitchen and good food will never disappear.

Can I substitute the nut butter in a recipe for tahini or other nut-free alternative?

Of course you can, but it may affect the taste a little bit in the same sense using peanut butter makes a treat taste a bit like peanut butter.

What liquid sweetener do you use and what does that mean?

I most often use maple syrup because it’s the most inexpensive alternative I have available and I love the taste. I write liquid sweetener when I believe it really doesn’t matter what type you use. Therefore, you can use what you prefer.

Can I make half a batch of a recipe?

Of course you can. If it’s a cake, brownies or such you may need to adjust the baking time.

Could you give me the measurements in volume instead of weight or vise versa?

Since I have only used one when creating the recipe, I can not give you any measurements in the opposite measurement. You can always use Google, but I can never promise the same results as mine.

Could I use regular flour instead of oat flour or buckwheat flour. Also, can I substitute the buckwheat flour with more oat flour?

To the first question, I haven’t tried and therefore can not say anything safely, but it would not surprise me if it works. To the later question, no you can not without resulting with a much worse texture.

Do you have the calories for your recipes?

No, I don’t both for my and others’ own good.

Do you eat all you bake?

Of course I eat what I bake, but I don’t eat every single bite. I live at home with two parents who love my treats. Plus, I have two older brothers and a grandmother who doesn’t leave my house without a box of treats. Also, lots of friends are given treats as one of my love languages.

How old are you?

I was born in July 2001. You do the maths. 😉

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